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Clinical trials are a key part of developing and proving new vaccinations, therapies and treatments for disease. Your patients could play an important role in making clinical research and the development of new treatments possible.

Clinical studies offer benefits to eligible patients that may not be otherwise available and can be a good way to access expert health care at no cost to them. In addition to the care received during the study, your patients will be able to continue their usual care with their regular doctor/s.

AusTrials conducts clinical studies in a variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and joint disease. AusTrials study coordinators carefully screen all potential volunteers for each study. All studies are approved by a qualified human research ethics committee and must comply with the principles set out in the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research published by the National Health and Medical Research Council and with other local and international guidelines.

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We work with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and academic research institutes to make clinical trials available to patients.