In terms of diabetes statistics, Queensland is not looking so sunny. There are currently more than 192,000 Queenslanders living with Type 2 Diabetes, with Diabetes Queensland estimating a further 500,000 or so who are either undiagnosed, have pre-diabetes, or are at high risk of developing the disease. Diabetes, in the simplest of terms, is a condition where there is too much sugar (or glucose) in the blood (Diabetes Queensland, 2019). The management of diabetes involves taking regular medications, increasing your activity levels, monitoring your blood glucose levels and changing your diet to include more healthy foods (like legumes, whole grains and fish) and reducing sugary foods and drinks. Complications resulting from unmanaged diabetes can be devastating and include vision loss, heart disease, kidney disease and limb amputation.

Diabetes Queensland have initiated several events around the state to support people living with diabetes. In South East Queensland, there are workshops, walks, education programs and support groups running throughout the year. At one of Diabetes Queensland’s Shop Smart workshops you can learn how to read food labels to make healthier choices when shopping. There is also a Foot Smart education session which gives you the rundown on how to care for your feet and prevent infections. This is important for people living with diabetes as the disease can impact the sensations and nerves in the feet resulting in painful infections and ulcers. To find out more and your interest please see’s-on.aspx

Also not to be missed, are free events around Brisbane City to help you lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. These events are usually free or low cost and run in various suburbs. Our top picks are:

  • Parkruns – every Saturday morning at various locations including South Bank, Rocks Riverside and Forest Lake. Don’t be put off by the ‘run’ bit, Parkruns support all activity levels from slow walkers, pram walkers and joggers.
  • Brisbane City Council – Zumba Gold – Combines dance and fitness moves with invigorating music to make getting fit fun! At various locations in Brisbane.
  • Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon – Ever thought about running a marathon? Now is the chance. The MyMarathon initiative allows you to walk/run 42.2km in your own pace over 4 weeks. By taking part and using the app you can track your progress, set daily goals, share your achievements and fundraise for the Heart Foundation to fight heart disease in Australia