AusTrials and Montserrat Day Hospitals are pleased to announce the formation of an alliance to deliver oncology and haematology trials to patients in the Brisbane area


Utilising the skillset of AusTrials’ research staff together with the specialists at the Westside Haematology and Oncology (WHO) enables these clinicians to become involved in new trials and patients to have more treatments options. 


The WHO clinic, owned and operated by Montserrat Day Hospitals, specialises in the care and support of patients with cancer and blood conditions, delivered in a comfortable and caring environment.  




WHO’s purpose-built facility is an integrated cancer centre featuring: 

  • 16 infusion chairs 
  • Radiation oncology provided by Genesis Care 
  • Allied health support 


Collocated in Brisbane

AusTrials and WHO have facilities collocated within the Westside Private Hospital in Taringa, 15 minutes west of Brisbane city. 


AusTrials and WHO’s clinical trials will be further supported by Westside Private’s on-site facilities including pathology, radiology and a medihotel for overnight stays for patients and carers.  


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