Clinical studies for adults

Additional health care options. Better access to care.

Clinical studies offer benefits to eligible participants that may not be otherwise available, and can be a good way to access expert health care at no cost to you. In addition to care you receive during the study, you will be able to continue your care with your regular GP. In some cases, the study treatments will be complementary to your current treatment.

AusTrials conducts clinical studies in a variety of therapeutic areas including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and joint disease. AusTrials study coordinators carefully screen all potential volunteers for each study. They will be able to explain the study to you in depth, make sure the study will be a good fit for your care needs, and answer any questions you might have about the study.

Some of the benefits of participation

  • Potential access to the most up-to-date medical treatments for an illness
  • Participants in a clinical study are closely monitored by doctors and other health professionals throughout the course of the study
  • Clinical study participants have an opportunity to meet and speak with other study participants about their experience
  • No-cost medical care
  • Participation may offer remuneration for time and effort

Volunteers play an important role in making clinical research and the development of new treatments possible. By participating in an ethically approved clinical study you play an active role in your health care, and assist with the development of new treatment options for all patients.

To find out if there is a study that could benefit you, visit our Current Studies page.

If you have questions or concerns about participating in a clinical study, contact an AusTrials representative, or see the Links below for additional resources.

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